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Abbreviations and acronyms are used to simplify the complex regulation and technical nature of the aviation industry. The following is a list of many of these abbreviations and acronyms for your reference.

A & PAirframe and Powerplant
A/FDAirport/Facility Directory
ACAdvisory Circular
ACARAircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACASAirborne Collision Avoidance System
ADCUSAdvise Customs
ADFAutomatic Direction Finder
ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
AFSSAutomated Flight Service Station
ALDAvailable Landing Distance
APAAllied Pilots Association
ARFFICAircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Incident Commander
ARINCAeronautical Radio Incorporated
ARSAAirport Radar Service Area
ARSRAir Route Surveillance Radar
ARTSAutomated Radar Terminal System
ASOSAutomated Surface Observing System
ASRAirport Surveillance Radar
ATCRBSAir Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCSCCAir Traffic Control System Command Center
ATDAlong Track (Straight-line) Distance
ATTAttitude Retention System
AWOSAutomated Weather Observing System
BBSBulletin Board System
CABCivil Aeronautics Board
CASSContinuing Analysis and Surveillance Systems
CDController Display
CDICourse Deviation Indicator
CERAPCombined Center/RAPCON
CFAControlled Firing Area
CFITControlled Flight Into Terrain
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CTAFCommon Traffic Advisory Frequency
CVFPCharted Visual Flight Procedure
CVRCockpit Voice Recorder
CVRSComputerized Voice Reservation System
CWACenter Weather Advisory
DADecision Altitude
DCPData Collection Package
DFDirection Finder
DHDecision Height
DMEDistance Measuring Equipment
DME/NStandard DME
DME/PPrecision DME
DODDepartment of Defense
DOTDepartment of Transportation
DPInstrument Departure Procedure
DPUData Processor Unit
DUATSDirect User Access Terminal System
DVADiverse Vector Area
DVFRDefense Visual Flight Rules
EFASEn Route Flight Advisory Service
EASAEuropean Aviation Safety Agency
ESVExpanded Service Volume
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ETDEstimated Time of Departure
ETEEstimated Time En Route
ETOPSExtended Twin-Engine Operations
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FARFederal Aviation Regulation
FBOFixed Base Operator
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FDFlight Director System
FDCFlight Data Center
FDRFlight Data Recorder
FISDLFlight Information Services Data Link
FMSPFlight Management System Procedure
FSDOFlight Standards District Office
GBASGround Based Augmentation System
GLSGNSS Landing System
GPWSGround Proximity Warning System
GSDGeographical Situation Display
GUSGround Uplink Station
HATHeight Above Touchdown
HDTAHigh Density Traffic Airports
HIWASHazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service
IAPInstrument Approach Procedure
IASIndicated Air Speed
IFIntermediate Fix
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMCInstrument Meteorological Conditions
ITWSIntegrated Terminal Weather System
LAALocal Airport Advisory
LAHSOLand and Hold Short Operations
LAWRSLimited Aviation Weather Reporting Station
LDALocalizer Type Directional Aid
LLWASLow Level Wind Shear Alert System
MAHWPMissed Approach Holding Waypoint
MALSMedium Intensity Approach Light System
MAPMissed Approach Point
MATAMinnesota Aviation Trades Association
MAWPMissed Approach Waypoint
MDAMinimum Descent Altitude
MEAMinimum En Route Altitude
MIRLMedium Intensity Runway Lights
MLSMicrowave Landing System
MMMiddle Marker
MOCAMinimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
MSAMinimum Safe Altitude
MSAWMinimum Safe Altitude Warning
MTIMoving Target Indicator
MVAMinimum Vectoring Altitude
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAVAIDNavigational Aid
NDBNon-directional Radio Beacon
NFDCNational Flight Data Center
NIDSNational Institute for Discovery Sciences
NIMANational Imagery and Mapping Agency
NMACNear Midair Collision
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NoPTNo Procedure Turn Required
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board
OATOutside Air Temperature
PAPIPrecision Approach Path Indicator
PARPrecision Approach Radar
PARPreferred Arrival Route
PFDPersonal Flotation Device
POBPersons on Board
POHPilots Operating Handbook
PTProcedure Turn
RAResolution Advisory
RADARRadio Detection and Ranging
RBDTRibbon Display Terminals
RCAGRemote Center Air/Ground
RCCRescue Coordination Center
REILRunway End Identifier Lights
RMIRadio Magnetic Indicator
RNPRequired Navigation Performance
RVSMReduced Vertical Separation Minima
SARSearch and Rescue
SCAT-1 DGPSSpecial Category I Differential GPS
SDFSimplified Directional Facility
SFLSequenced Flashing Lights
SIAPStandard Instrument Approach Procedure
SIDStandard Instrument Departure
SMGCSSurface Movement Guidance Control System
SPSStandard Positioning Service
STARStandard Terminal Arrival
STOLShort Take-Off and Landing
SWAPSevere Weather Avoidance Procedure
TATraffic Advisory
TAFAerodrome Forecast
TASTrue Air Speed
TAWSTerrain Avoidance and Warning System
TCASTraffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCHThreshold Crossing Height
TDTime Difference
TDWRTerminal Doppler Weather Radar
TDZLTouchdown Zone Lights
TLSTransponder Landing System
TPPTerminal Procedures Publications
TRACONTerminal Radar Approach Control
TRSATerminal Radar Service Area
TSATransportation Security Administration
TSOTechnical Standard Order
TWEBTranscribed Weather Broadcast
U.S.United States
UFOUnidentified Flying Object
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
VASIVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VDAVertical Descent Angle
VDPVisual Descent Point
VGSIVisual Glide Slope Indicator
VIPVideo Integrator Processor
VMCVisual Meteorological Conditions
VminiMinimum speed - IFR
VneiNever exceed speed - IFR
VORVery High Frequency Omni-directional Range
VORTACVHF Omni-directional Range/Tactical Air Navigation
VTOLVertical Take-Off and Landing
VxBest Angle of Climb speed
VyBest Rate of Climb speed
WAASWide Area Augmentation System
WACWorld Aeronautical Chart
WATAWisconsin Aviation Trades Association
WGS-84World Geodetic System of 1984
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization
WMSWide-Area Master Station
WRSWide-Area Ground Reference Station

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