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Aviation Law Articles

FAA Enforcement

When, If Ever, Should A Certificate Issued By The FAA Be Surrendered?

How To Respond To A Request For Re-Examination

When Must An Employer Add An Employee To Its DOT Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Pool?

How Does The FAA Calculate A Civil Penalty?

What Happens To A Certificate When The FAA Suspends Or Revokes It?

Drone Operators Beware: Drone Operations Are Subject To FAA Enforcement

When Is A Touch And Go Landing Not A Landing?

Equal Access to Justice Act: When Are Fees "Incurred"?

FAA Takes a More Sensible Approach to First-Time, Inadvertent TFR Violations

Unknown Or Inadvertent Ingestion: An Unconvincing Affirmative Defense To A Positive Drug Test Result

Administrative Actions: The FAA's "Slap on the Wrist"

Who Can Return An Aircraft To Service On Behalf Of A Repair Station?

Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs: Are Your Employees Covered?

When Aircraft Go Bump On The Ramp

Changes To The Aviation Safety Reporting Program Increase Opportunities For Mechanics

Analyzing a Stale Complaint Affirmative Defense in the Face of an Allegation of Lack of Qualification.

Wonder What The Term "Congested Area" Means? Some FAA Inspectors Wonder That Too.

Responding To An FAA Letter Of Investigation

Pilot's Reliance Upon VFR GPS Does Not Excuse TFR Bust

Beyond FAA Enforcement: Criminal Prosecution For Falsification Of Aircraft Maintenance Records

Experimental Helicopter Purchaser Receives Suspension For Registration And Airworthiness Violations

Proving "Inadvertence" To Support An ASRP Waiver Of Sanction: Not As Easy As You Might Think

A DOM's Reliance Upon Work Performed By Other Mechanics Results In Revocation Of His Certificate And Ratings

What You Need To Know About FAA Civil Penalty Actions

An Airworthiness Certificate Requires More Than Just A Safe Condition

Aircraft Maintenance Records: What You Write Matters

D.C. Circuit Affirms NTSB's Rejection Of EAJA Fees When FAA Dismisses Its Complaint Before A Hearing

Compliance With The Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program Can Protect An Air Carrier Employee's Certificate

4th Circuit Court Of Appeals Affirms NTSB's "Congested Area" Determination

Drug Testing Refusal Cases: Worthy of Appeal?

Defending Against An Intentional Falsification Charge: A Question Of Intent

The FSS Weather Briefing: How Much Information Is Enough?

You Can't Win An EAJA Award When The FAA Dismisses Its Case Before The Hearing

Flying Through the Turbulent Aftermath of an Unauthorized TFR or DC ADIZ Incursion

Flight Into Known Icing Conditions: An Update

Petition For Reconsideration: Asking The NTSB To Change Its Mind

Identification Of A "Congested Area" Under FAR § 91.119: Hindsight Is 20/20

The FAA's Prosecutorial Discretion

Airplanes Make People Act "Crazy"

Pilot In Command: The Duties And Responsibilities Of Taking Control

Airmen Liability For Airworthiness

Aviation Safety Reporting Program: No Sanction Waiver for Intentional Violation

9th Circuit Holds That FAA Must Use Method Reasonably Calculated To Reach An Airman To Notify Of Suspension

The 709 Ride

Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program

Equal Access To Justice Act: Making The FAA Pay

Deadlines Matter In NTSB Appeals

Flight Review Requirements Under FAR §61.56: When Is A Flight Review Needed And How Are The Requirements Met?

Flight Into Known Icing Conditions: Violation Waiting To Happen, Or Worse?

Flying For Hire: Privileges And Limitations Of A Commercial Pilot Certificate

What Happens To Your Certificate Following Suspension Or Revocation?

Pilot In Command: The Ultimate Authority and Ultimately Responsible

ATC’s Failure To Provide Notice Of Deviation Can Result In Sanction Waiver

Surviving The Ramp Check

NTSB Refuses to Review FAA "Security Threat" Revocations

Timely Appeal Required For Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) Recovery of Attorney's Fees & Expenses

Aircraft Mechanic Liability: If You Sign, Your Certificate Is On The Line

Medical Certification

NTSB Affirms Dismissal Of Airman's Second Attempt To Gain Medical Certificate In Spite Of History Of Disqualifying Conditions

Failure To Disclose A Conviction On An Airman Medical Application Will Result In Revocation

Dealing With The FAA's Denial Of An Airman Medical Certificate

FAA To Update Medical Application

Flying Through The Turbulence Of A Second DWI

A Pilot’s Duty To Report Alcohol Related Driving Offenses To The FAA: Post-Party Blues

Aircraft Ownership

Application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods to Business Aircraft Transactions

Insurance Will Not Cover An Unqualified Pilot in Command

Does The “As-Is” Language In An Aircraft Purchase Agreement Make A Difference?

The “Ins” And “Outs” Of LLC Statements In Support Of Aircraft Registration

Are You Using A Limited Liability Company To Own An Aircraft And Fly The Company’s Members/Guests? Be Careful.

Tax Considerations When Buying An Aircraft

Aircraft Mechanic Liens In Texas

The Latest Lycoming Engine Airworthiness Directive: What You Need To Know.

Whose Letter Of Authorization Is It Anyway?

What Is The Difference Between Owning And Operating An Aircraft Under Part 91 Versus Part 135?

What Is The Difference Between An "Inspection" And An "Overhaul"?

Ignore the Terms of Your Aircraft Insurance Policy at Your Own Risk

Are You Running An Illegal Flight Department Company?

Documenting Maintenance and Inspection Records

What Can You Do Inside Your Aircraft Hangar At An AIP Airport?

The Difference Between "Wet" and "Dry" Aircraft Leases

Understanding the "What" and "Where" for Documenting Your Aircraft's Annual Inspection

When is the 100-Hour Inspection Due for Aircraft Used for Rental and Flight Instruction?

Keeping the FAA Happy When Registering an Aircraft Owned by an LLC

Should You Buy Replacement Aircraft Identification Plates on the Internet?

Can You Barter For Aircraft Rental And Expenses? FAA Says "Yes".

Aircraft Bailment And The Duties Owed By A Maintenance Facility To An Aircraft Owner

Complying With A Manufacturer's "Current" Maintenance Instructions

Understanding The FAA's New Aircraft Re-Registration And Renewal Requirements

Shared Expenses And The Private Pilot

Disputing An Aircraft Mechanic's Lien

Purchasing An Aircraft Hangar: Buyer Beware

FAA Proposes Changes To Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Mechanic's Liens

The Value Of An Aircraft Purchase Agreement

Understanding And Negotiating The Aircraft Lease

Service Bulletins Redux

Choice Of Entity For Aircraft Ownership

Service Bulletins Clarified

Aircraft Insurance Coverage: Will You Have It When You Need It?

Service Bulletins Revisited

The Cape Town Convention

Basic Aircraft Finance

Service Bulletins: What Is An Aircraft Owner To Do?

Recording Aircraft Related Documents With The FAA

Aircraft Co-Ownership: Making The Relationship Work

When Bad Things Happen To Good Aircraft Buyers: Recognizing And Avoiding Aircraft Title Problems

Aircraft Purchase Agreements

My Policy Says What?!: Understanding An Aircraft Insurance Policy

Mechanic's Liens and Aircraft in Minnesota


Limiting Your Liability Exposure With A “Limitation of Liability Clause”

Drafting A Policy For Employee Use of Private Aircraft

Flight School Security Awareness Training – Make Sure You Are Both Current And Compliant To Avoid TSA Sanctions

What Are A Secured Party's Rights And Options After Repossessing An Aircraft In Texas?

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Grounds Flytenow & AirPooler Private Pilot Flight-Sharing Concept

Drone Registration: Just In Time For The Holdiays?

Safety Pilot Questions Answered

When Does an Individual's Employment Record Relate to "Pilot Performance" or "Professional Competence" Under PRIA?

Wearing Two Hats: Limitations Of A Flying Mechanic

Inspection Authorization: Are You "Actively Engaged"?

The Do's And Do Not's Of Aircraft Accident And Incident Reporting

Flying To Canada After A DWI or DUI Conviction

Obtaining An Exemption From A Federal Aviation Regulation

Understanding and Negotiating the Airport Lease

Guarding the Gate: Flight Instructors Duties Under TSA’s Alien Flight Training/Citizenship Validation Rule

Cabotage And International Operation Of Corporate Aircraft

Carrying Firearms On Aircraft

Cellular Telephones And PDA's In The Cockpit

What Will The FAA Say About You

Notifying The FAA Of A Change Of Address

General Aviation Reparations Act of 2001: Help on the Way?

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