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Aviation Law Expertise

The Reigel Law Firm, Ltd. was founded to combine passion for flying with legal expertise to advise and represent clients on commercial and aviation law issues. Each aviation attorney is an experienced legal professional and pilot, and guides the firm's clients from the left seat on aviation issues.

In addition to writing articles and presenting seminars on aviation, business and real estate law issues to groups throughout the Upper Midwest, the firm's aviation professionals work and fly in the system on a daily basis. The Reigel Law Firm, Ltd also serves clients through the AOPA Legal Services Panel and is actively involved in the following aviation and legal organizations:

  • Minnesota Aviation Trade Association
  • NTSB Bar Association
  • National Business Aviation Association
  • Minnesota Business Aviation Association
  • Experimental Aircraft Association
  • Lawyer-Pilot Bar Association
  • Minnesota State Bar Association
  • Wisconsin State Bar Association
  • Hennepin County Bar Association

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